Jozefow is South East of Warsaw. It takes only about 20 mins to get from Jozefow to downtown Warsaw by car. There are 2 hotels in Jozefow:
Holiday Inn and Revita Hotel. Jozefow is a quiet residential area that enjoys the best outdoors in Warsaw. Here you can walk or jog through Mazowiecki Park but also you can stroll on the banks of the Swider river. There are many places where you can unwind and rest.

Mazowiecki Park gives you opportunity to bike or hike for hundreds of miles. And instead of seeing hoards of tourists you might run into an elk, hedgehog or a deer.

Revita is located directly on the Lacha Lake. So you can sit on their property, look at the lake or even swim in it during the summer. After this you can try their gym, yoga or try their spa services.

Both hotels in Jozefow offer spa services in a very quiet setting. So for a person who visits Warsaw this is an ideal place to unwind after seeing the city.

Jozefow is also known for very nice neighborhoods. Many prominent people in Poland choose to live in this city and the city boasts one of the highest per capita income in the country. What is also nice about Jozefow is the fact that the crime rate is really low and although crime rate is generally not high in Poland - Jozefow has lower than average crime rate.

Jozefow also has a lot of history just like Warsaw. Here you can go up to the pilot's monument where a plane crashed that was delivering shipment of arms, food and medicines to insurgents defending Warsaw against the German Nazis. Among them were pilots from the UK and South Africa.
It shows that although the help to insurgents was really small from the West - it did exist.

So if you are interested in staying in a forest type setting in a very peaceful city but only 20 mins away from downtown Warsaw then Jozefow is a place worth considering. If you would like to go on a picnic on a lake or a river after spending time in Warsaw - then Jozefow is also worth considering.