Hotels in Ustka
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Hotels in Ustka

Located in the seaside resort of Ustka, Lubicz Hotel **** Wellness & Spa offers guests a wonderful holiday.Just a few minutes away from the beautiful sandy beach. Traditional hospitality, personal attention to guests is combined at Lubicz. You will find a place where time passes slowly and where to let go of worries and reinvigorate.Guests will find not only the pleasures of the palate, which provides a restaurant serving Polish cuisine, but also a modern SPA & Wellness center, where reg
more >>> Room from 420.00 PLN
Royal-Baltic 4* Luxury Boutique Royal-Baltic 4* Luxury Boutique
Imagine a holiday in the place magical and unusual, just a short walk from the wide, sandy beach where the sea. Outside, a beautiful pine forest, the smell of pine cones and resin, which creates a favorable microclimate for your respiratory tract. For a beautiful, clean beach is only 150 meters you.The sound of the sea will allow you to truly relax your body and mind.Royal Baltic boutique hotel will be a great vacation destination for families with children, and artists who want
more >>> Room from 240.00 PLN
Energetyk Energetyk
Located in a residential area of Ustka, near the sea, Energetyk Hotel is a comfortable and intimate cottages and 11 rooms all year round.Nearby is a beautiful seaside park last pine that gives guests more >>> Room from 31.15 EUR
 Dom Wypoczynkowy Słoneczna Dom Wypoczynkowy Słoneczna
Located just 350 meters from the beach in Ustka Sunny Holiday Resort offers guests staying in rooms 2 and 3 cars and suites or cottages. The rooms and cottages, you can dodatko
more >>> Room from 40.59 EUR
Jantar Jantar
Located in the vicinity of a pine forest, just 500 meters from the city center of Ustka, Holiday and Conference Centre "Jantar" offers guests a high standard of service, comfort and the perfect holiday near the sea, the fresh air.
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Tourist attractions

Ustka is known resort on the Baltic Sea, known for its beautiful, wide beaches and amber.

  • Slowinski National Park, between Leba and Rowy
  • Museum in Kluki where you can see the historic settlement of the eighteenth century, and see how people lived years ago
  • checkered district, where you can see the historic buildings with wooden poles, which resemble black and white checkered
  • lighthouse
  • Bread Museum, where you can see old bakers equipment and seventeenth century kneading machine