Gorzno near Torun





Krokowa near Gdansk


Łeba Neptun

Łeba Soplica







Castles at affordable prices:

Kadyny Country Club
from about 48 USD!
near Elblag at the Baltic sea

from 51 USD!
overlooking the Baltic sea in Leba

Kraskow Palace
from 73 USD!
35 km from Wroclaw (Breslau)

Rydzyna Castle
from 45 USD!
near Poznan and Leszno

Residence Palace
from about 170 USD!

In the heart of Warsaw!

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Krobielowice Palace
from about 41 USD!
15 km away from Wroclaw (Breslau);
surrounded by greenery, ponds and lakes

Podewils-Knight Castle
from about 50 USD!
30 km away from Baltic Sea, situated in a place rich in lakes and forestry

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Noma Residence Hotel/Castle
from about 76 USD!
situated in a quiet Pszczyna forest on the bank of Paprocanskie lake

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Kliczkow Castle
from about 58 USD!
located in Dolnoslaskie forest, on the cliff of Kwisa river; close to the main international routes

Budzistwo Palace
from about 59 USD!
on the banks of Parseta river,
3 km away from the sea


Manor House Castle
from about 48 EURO!
a fabulous place for people seeking something exceptional.
39 km away from the route E - 7 Cracow - Warsaw

Wapionka Manor house
from 35 EURO
the oasis of quietness is located in the picturesque Gorzniensko-Lidzbarski Natural Park

Podklasztorze Hotel
from about 36 EURO!
The charms of landscape, the beauty of Pilica river, clean and fresh air are the advantages of this place


Hotel Pałac Czarny Las
from about 53 EURO!
located in the heart of the charming park, the Old monumental architectural style  creating unforgettable atmosphere


Zamek Soplica

Beautifully restored 15th century castle surrounded by a huge park. Rooms equipped with all modern facilities and magnificent view of the nearby Sarbsko and Lebsko lakes.

Dom Erazma Hotel
from about 58 EURO!
Placed right in the vicinity of the Renaissance Palace of Villa Decius, the Hotel offers excellent conditions for work and relaxation.

Leźno Palace
from about 39 EURO!
The 18th century Palace at Leźno surrounded by the park and the woods.


Krokowa Castle
from about 32 EURO!
The former residence of the von Krockow family - situated on an island surrounded by a moat and an 8-hectare, 18th-century park and close to the beaches.

Wieniawa Hotel
from about 40 EURO!
The Palace where the hotel is located resembles the elements of the traditional Italian architecture from 1871. the Natural Parks and greenery surrounding the Palace are additional advantage of the hotel. 

Zamek Ryn
from about 68 EURO!
Ryn Castle is located in Ryn in the heart of Great Masurian Lakes, between Ryn and Olow lake. The surrounding, the water, the forest, the fresh air enhance the rest with family, the fllow up of business and training dreams.. 


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