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The MOP Olesnica Hotel is located at the point of travelers service area Mop Oleśnica, along the A4 route to Wroclaw. It is an ideal place to stay on the road for travelers going to Krakow or to Germany. You will find comfortable accommodation and you can stay during your trip, and  rest during your journej. Within 30 minutes you can drive to Wroclaw. At the same time the hotel can be a cheaper  option for hotels in Wroclaw and you will spare some money to spend on the city's attractions and sightseeing.
The service area also offers catering, where you can eat well and gain strength to continue your journey.
Wireless Internet in the rooms will give you  information.
Guests with cars will find unguarded parking.

The hotel offers a high standard of rooms, functional equipment, access to the Internet. Each room has a private bathroom and TV. Thanks to this you can freshen up and relax after traveling or sightseeing Worcław. In the evening you can spned time watching TV. Guests can choose a double room. They can also be used for one person. The quiet location will make guests   relax in the silence here not disturbed by road traffic. The hotel is accessible for disabled guests.

Next to the hotel there is McDonald's restaurant. You can also buy hot and cold drinks on the Lotus gas station.


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The Oleśnica Hotel MOP is located on the A4 motorway, 30 km from Wroclaw.


Oleśnica MOP A4 kierunek Wrocław Oleśnica MOP A4 kierunek Wrocław
Oleśnica MOP A4 kierunek Wrocław Oleśnica MOP A4 kierunek Wrocław

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