Palac Sulislaw

Miejscowość Sulisław 24
49-200 Grodkow

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Sulislaw Palace is located away from the hustle and bustle of the city, in a quiet and green area, among the fields and forests. The picturesque landscape surrounding the palace, you can calm down, relax and unwind. Inside the palace there's the Bhandari Ayurveda Health Center - the Ayurvedic Health Centre of C. M. Bhandari.


Palace offers accommodation in luxury double rooms Standard, Deluxe, Suite and Suite Lux. Room facilities: Each room richly decorated with stylish antique furniture, TV HD, laptop with internet access.


The restaurant serves a specially designed menu based on tradition and experience of Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurveda considers food as a basic form of the drug, a proper diet and eating habits as a source of physical and mental health. Therefore, according to Ayurvedic doctors first step to better health is proper diet, the wise selection of ingredients and the right way of preparing meals, which provides high absorption of vitamins and minerals and an excellent digestion.
Ayuverdian cuisine offers a sustainable balance of nutrients to ensure the health and longevity by cleansing the body of toxins and improving metabolism. Ayurvedic cuisine meals are prepared from natural raw ingredients, feature a wealth of nutrients and fiber. Do not contain components that adversely affect the operation of the body, such as salt and animal fats.


Our range includes treatments of the standard learning yoga and ayurveda, which make up a complete detoxification programs, health and vitality. Massages are made using natural oils and other Indian herbal and mineral preparations. Oils contain, depending on the type of massage, specific sets of medicinal herbs. Massages are carried out on wooden tables profiled and imported directly from India. The atmosphere of the place created mainly by Hindu therapists who work under the supervision of our Ayurvedic consultant, Dr. Patwardhan Agnivesha.


The hotel has 4 meeting rooms. Each of them is equipped with Wi-Fi internet, flipchart, LCD screen.

Additional Information

Palace offer includes:
• Yoga and meditation sessions
• Swimming pool
• Sauna
• Roman bath
• Other attractions SPA


Rates from: 470.00 PLN

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Palac Sulislaw Palac Sulislaw
Palac Sulislaw Palac Sulislaw
Palac Sulislaw Palac Sulislaw
Palac Sulislaw Palac Sulislaw