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293 Traktat Sw. Wojciecha Street
80-001 Gdansk-Lipce
Tel: +48-(58) 309 04 82
Fax: +48-(58) 309 09 45

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Hotel Lipce Gdansk

Gdansk is one of the most attractive cities in Poland and one of the biggest ports on the Baltic sea coast. The city of Gdansk has had an eventful history; it has always had its own unique local color. The magnificent historic townhouses, the Town Hall (14-16th c.), and the port crane Zuraw from the fifteenth century testify to Gdansk's centuries of tradition.

Lipce Hotel is located 5 km away from the center of Gdansk near the Gdansk-Tczew route. In the hotel's vicinity there is a park complex and ancient Ferberow mansion.

Hotel Lipce is an ideal place for organizing conferences and trainings. We have 3 conference rooms equipped with professional audiovisual equipment which can sit up to 120 people.

We recommend the services of our computer room.

Lipce Hotel, Gdansk
- 34 rooms with baths.

The hotel at a glance:

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Amenities of the hotel

Amenities of the rooms

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Conference rooms

Daily Rates:

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Dinner - PLN 25-30 or USD 6-8

Conference room for 50 people-computer room
PLN 400 or USD 100

Conference room for 60 people no.2
PLN 275 or USD 69

Conference room for 60 people-WGD
PLN 275 or USD 69

Conference room for up to 100 people
PLN 360 or USD 90

PLN is the base currency for conversion to USD rates. USD rates change with the flactuations of the PLN.

How to get to Lipce Hotel, Gdansk?

The hotel is 5 km away from the center and you can reach it by 132 bus from the Main Railway Station - Gdañsk Dworzec G³ówny.

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