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Conference rooms

Function rooms

Contemporarily equipped, comfortable conference room accommodating 120 people is accessible directly from the courtyard. Two smaller conference rooms, set on the first floor of the manor, open to a marvellous view of the gardens.  

There are two high standard, air conditioned conference rooms, equipped with the highest quality audi video equipment. The white room of 110 m² and graphite room of 145 m². There is possibility of dividing both rooms into two smaller ones, in case of occasional events. We ensure professional organization and complex service of business meetings, trainings and integral meetings.

 Wyposażenie sal konferencyjnych:

Conference rooms equipment:

- screen
- overhead projector
- flip charts
- pin-on cordless microphone
- VHS video
- television
- cordless microphone
- multi-media projector
- speaker podium stand
- slide-projector.

Audio video equipment not listed above is available on request.


The rental of rooms with different sizes

Conference room Size Price/4 hours Price/12 hours
White 110 900 1200
Blue 68 500 1000
Green 40 400 800