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Our hotel is situated in the spa part of Muszyna - Złockie, along the picturesque valley of the Szczawnik stream near Jaworzyna Krynicka Mount in the area of the Popradzki Scenery Park. Rich history (Muszyna State, Lemkivshchyna, the stormy history of the borderland), numerous monuments (Lemko Orthodox churches, churches, ruins of the castle, the Muszyński manor house) a great variety of flora and fauna (a nature reserve, nature monuments, mineral water springs, moffettes) and sports facilities (skiing stations on Jaworzyna slopes and in Wierchomla) make the area unique as far as tourism and recreation is concerned.
The hotel is ready to accommodate 145 guests.
Luxurious furnished rooms, a wide range of hotel facilities make the staying rich in unforgettable moments.

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AdressKlimek Hotel****SPA
33-370 Muszyna, Złockie 107
tel. +48 18/ 477 82 22
fax: +48 18/ 477 71 82
e-mail: biuro@hotel-klimek.pl