Car Rental - Frequently Asked Questions

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What type of vehicle will I get?

Some types of vehicles may not be available at every station.

What is the daily rate?

Daily rates are for 24 hours counting from the start of a rental. If a daily period is exceeded by more than 59 minutes, another full day will be charged.

What kind of coverage is provided with rental insurance?

It depends on the provider and its insurer. In most of the cases it is theft, injury, accident. Some providers donít cover radio theft.

Is my driving license valid in Poland?

Yes, almost all driverís licenses are valid in Poland. Each driver must present a driving license issued at least one year before start of a rental.

How old do I have to be in order to rent a car?

Renters minimum age is 21 years for groups A, T B, K; 23 years for groups C, D, E and 25 years for group G (some different rules may apply accordingly to Agent).

What kind of fuel do I have to use?

All vehicles are supplied with a full petrol tank and Renter must pay for the missing petrol at the end of the rental. It is Renter's responsibility to refuel with the proper type of petrol. You will be advised of the type of the petrol required for your vehicle.

Can I take the car outside of the Poland borders?

Renter must have an Agents permission to travel outside Poland. For details, please check with Reservation Office.

What if I loose the car keys?

In case of loss of a vehicle documents or keys the Renter will be charged accordingly to your provider rates.

Do I pay any extra fees for delivery or a pick-up?

Delivery or collection of vehicle from the nearest rental station is subject to additional charges.

 Extra Service charges may apply for the following items:

Snow chains

Infant seat

Roof rack

Ski rack

Airport fee

Rentals out of opening hours

Additional driver


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