Motel Picaro Kraśnik Dolny

MOP Autostrada A4, kierunek Wrocław
59-700 Kraśnik Dolny

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Motel Picaro is a great tranzit motel that  provides both the possibility of a day of rest during the journey  as well as a longer stay.

Picaro Motel offers 48 comfortable rooms, 2-bed, 2 TWIN TRIPLE rooms - equipped with bathrooms, satellite TV, telephone, free WI-FI.

Guests can eat in the restaurant tasty Picaro, offering fresh, tasty dishes of Polish and international cuisine. The dishes served in buffet style and you can choose zesatwy dishes as you like. The restaurant is open around the clock, which means you can enjoy a meal at any time, even if you arrive late at night.

Guests can leave their cars in the parking lot monitored.

Motel is open around the clock so that the guest can come at any time, even late at night can rent a room and enjoy a delicious meal.
For 24 hours a day get help at the hotel reception.
If you need to get up in the morning you wake up the contract at any time.
Families with children can rent a cot for babies.
Motel will take care of your wardrobe providing ironing board, cleaning shoes and washing and ironing.
You can leave valuables in custody motel.

  In the motel you can stock up on the things you need on the go. At the reception you can buy diapers and cosmetically as well as order a delicious coffee and tea.


Rates from: 41.63 EUR

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Motel Picaro is located in Kraśnik Dolny K/Bolesławiec at the road A4,  Wrocław direction.


Motel Picaro Kraśnik Dolny Motel Picaro Kraśnik Dolny
Motel Picaro Kraśnik Dolny Motel Picaro Kraśnik Dolny
Motel Picaro Kraśnik Dolny Motel Picaro Kraśnik Dolny